Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Torch run: Peace or propaganda?

The Toronto Star wonders whether the Olympic Torch run is really necessary in today's world. After all, the tradition began with 1936 Olympics when the Nazis ran over a thousand Aryan youth from Greece to the German stadium. Does this event really have a place in today's world?

Another question-- is China using this to distract from its issues with Tibet and the Falun Gong? And, more importantly, is it working?

Torch run: Peace or propaganda?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Logical Fallacies

Poor penguin. Obviously, he hasn't taken WRH315.

Iran reality contradicts hostile propaganda

The Malawian foreign minister states that Western propaganda completely misrepresents Iran and Iranian interests. Instead of the looming evil emanating from the Middle East, this representative of an African nation characterized Iran as "an honest country."

While it's interesting to hear a different opinion to our government's view on Iran, it's clear that this article is, in and of itself, propaganda. The text does not offer any examples of the offending Western propaganda, instead simply labeling it as "shallow and negative." This leads the reader to imagine his or her own version of American propaganda, which can often be worse than the reality.
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Iran reality contradicts hostile propaganda
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